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Press Release – Plaimont Producteurs unveil the first bottles of the “Vignes Préphylloxériques” cuvée 2011 at Paris launch

Plaimont Producteurs launched its exclusive cuvée “Vignes Préphylloxériques” 2011 (AOP Saint-Mont)on Wednesday 7th November 2012 in Paris. Journalists from France, Germany and the UK attended the event with Plaimont representatives Joël Boueilh (Director of Plaimont Producteurs), Olivier Bourdet-Pees (Managing Director of Plaimont Producteurs), Patrick Azcué (Saint Mont winemaker) and André Dubosc (former Director of Plaimont Producteurs from 1979 to 2008).

The “Vignes Préphylloxériques” cuvée is produced from a plot of vines dating from 1871 which resisted Phylloxera, the insect responsible for decimating entire wine regions around Europe in the late nineteenth century. Only 1345 bottles have been produced and will be available strictly by allocation both in France and abroad. A number of countries have already shown interest such as the UK, Holland, Japan and China.

This 0.48 hectare parcel is situated on the highest hill of the Saint Mont village and benefits from a well-drained soil composed of tawny sands, clay and limestone. Illustrating the biodiversity of the Pyrenean foothills, the parcel is composed of several grape varieties such as Tannat and Pinenc (Fer Servadou) as well as a small amount of ancient white grape varieties.

Describing the cuvée, Olivier Bourdet-Pees (General Director of Plaimont Producteurs) comments“Vignes Préphylloxériques is the expression of the Saint Mont appellation and biodiversity of the appellations in the South West of France; it illustrates a will to preserve the very unique typicity of these great appellations in a homogenised viticultural context. I have no doubt that in the future; some of the numerous grape varieties which still remain unknown in our vineyards will become an integral part in our winemaking legacy and heritage”.

Press release from Westbury Communications


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