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Contributing to The Oenophiliac

Would you like to contribute to The Oenophiliac?

If you have a passion for food, wine, beer or spirits and like talking about it then why not contribute to The Oenophiliac.

You can post as often or as little as you like. You can cover all aspects of your subject matter from events, reviews (wine,food,restaurant etc), news, interviews, educational points, feature pieces, articles. The options available are numerous as long as it sits within the food and drink sector.

You don’t have to be an experienced writer either. It maybe something you do for a bit of fun at the weekend or something you are looking at getting into full time, you just need a platform to showcase your work.

Word count guideline

Product Reviews – 200-400 words.
Articles, Restaurant Reviews – 600-800
Features – 1200-up 

Wine companies are looking seriously at the impact of online wine writers and bloggers as an avenue to promote their wines, from small freelance writers to mainstream professional broadsheet commentators.

If you’d like to share your writing talent then email a small sample of your work with a bio about yourself. I will take a look and get back to you. All you really need is a good grasp of English grammar for me to accept your work. Alternatively if you’d like to post in your native language, as long as Bing translator can read it, send your samples through. Remember, the food and drinks industry is global. So is this blog.

Email –

Twitter – @magicmike29

Skype – magicmike291

As this site is a currently a blog site all work is unpaid.


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