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Press Release – New record set at the 11th Edition of the ‘Barriques d’Or’ Festival, South West France

The 11th edition of the ‘Barriques d’Or’ auction organised by Plaimont Producteurs and Cave de Crouseilles took place on Monday 5th November at Château de Crouseillesin South West France and saw over 200 trade buyers, retailers, restaurant owners and winemakers from around the world gather to bid on a total of 15 of the best barrels of 2011 Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh wine (14 sweet and 1 dry).

This year’s highest bid was made for winemaker Nicolas Tortigue, from Madiran, whose barrel was sold to a local supermarket buyer for 12,000€, beating the previous record of 11,300€ held by grower Didier Vinazza in 2011. Other lots were acquired by buyers from China, the Netherlands and Latvia.

For the second year in a row the prestigious auction broke its own record, confirming the international recognition of Pacherenc produced by Plaimont Producteurs and the Cave de Crouseilles.

The profit made from the ‘Barriques d’Or’ highest bid will be donated to an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the Vic Bilh’s heritage financing the renovation, the rehabilitation and the development of different sites situated within the appellation’s winegrowing villages.

Commenting on the 2011 vintage of Pacherenc, Plaimont Producteurs Managing Director Olivier Bourdet-Pees said “In Pacherenc, even more so than elsewhere the 2011 vintage brought us great climatic conditions that were perfect for local grape varieties such as the Mansengs, Petit Courbu and Arrufiac. I truly believe that 2011 will be one of the greatest vintages the appellation has ever seen.”

Press release from Westbury Communications


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