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Return of The Oenophiliac

If a Jedi can return, so can I.

If the King can return, so can I.

If the Living Dead can return, not once, not twice, but thrice (perhaps more, they are the living dead after all), so can I.

If Xander Cage, Michael Myers, the Pink Panther, the Dragon, Killer Tomatoes, Swamp Thing, Cocoon, even The Magnificent Seven can return……… can I.

Enough of the movie puns. You get the drift!

After a long break, trying to establish a business, I have comeback to my keyboard, ready to throw my pearls of wisdom your way.

This time I won’t be solely focusing on wine. The craft beer market in recent years has exploded with the might of a horny Blue Whale and where I’m from there are a legion of micro brewers, over 80 at last count, to keep a London based scribe like me entertained for many a year.

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co, Newport, Wales

My beer focus won’t just be London bound as the figure above is just an example of what is on my doorstep, let alone the rest of the UK. Tiny Rebel in Newport, Wales is probably one of my favourite craft producers right now.

So if you see anything, both beer and wine related, then please do send it my way.

Lets hope the The Oenophiliac mark 2 will pick up where mark 1 left off.


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