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Warren Wines – Creating a New Business

Warren Wines GrapesRight! I haven’t written anything for a while, last May to be exact.

I have reasons, too many reasons to go into right now, some good, some bad, but this post is all about one thing…..Warren Wines.

Last year I was asked by a colleague of mine, and soon to be new business owner – James Hamlett, to help develop a new independent wine business, an idea that he had bouncing around his head since before I knew him. I jumped at the chance.

Independent wine trade is great. It may seem obvious but you decide everything. You decide range and your trading times. You’re not restricted by the actions of some mindless facsimile of a supposed wine company telling you how to do things. You get to throw yourself out there, communicate with compatriots from around the country; globe even. You get to develop a business that suits you, reflects you and reflects your passion for the subject. More importantly, you get to have some FUN!

Fun and independence is something I have been missing over the last couple of years, apart from my band. Love the band, love the gigging, but in my professional life….pure monotonous garbage.

I will be writing about our exploits in the coming weeks about how we got Warren Wines started. I will be chatting about the strains and stresses of finding a suitable site, finances, licencing issues. I will be posting up to date stories on the development of the store, as well as our plans and the direction we aim to take Warren Wines in. I will answer the one burning question, the name, Warren Wines. No one called Warren involved! Work that one out?

Hopefully this will be the start of something quite wonderful and fulfilling.

We have a Facebook page up – FB Warren Wines

Also Twitter – @WarrenWines

So click the links above to like and follow.

Also, if you’re a supplier, small, large or unique, then do drop me a line

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, the band! Can’t finish without plugging the band now can I? The Raven Chords. If you are out and about in London then you will find us somewhere in town playing the small gig scene. Check us out! Shameless plug over.

Warren Wines Grapeless

Piece by me!

2015-01-17 20.37.15-1

Yours truly rocking out!



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