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Mike Matthews – Les Deux Cesars 2010 –

domaine_saint_rose_photoBrits Charles and Rose Simpson bought Domaine Sainte Rose in the Languedoc region of France back in 2002. Following on from Charles’ successful career in Pharmaceutical marketing with GlaxoSmithKline and Merck plus Roses deep rooted family history with whisky producer William Grant, the couple have taken the difficult task of producing wine from one of the country’s most expressive and re-emerging wine regions. Along with other ex-pats from Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, USA, Netherland, Australia and Sweden, the couple are part of a group called ‘The Outsiders.’ The commonality amongst them was their decision to move to the Languedoc-Roussillon region and start a career in wine, recognising the potential of the areas terroir.

Les Deux Cesars – 2010 is a wine made exclusively for Les Deux Cesars RedThis is a blend of native varieties; Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. The wine shows great regional warming characters that I like. There’s a rich depth of fruit that continues to develop on the nose; black fruit, soft spice, a touch of tobacco and violets. After a short period those spices begin to lift to leave some noticeable raspberry aromas. The palate doesn’t lack depth either; black cherry, chocolate, warm forest fruit flavours. Tannins are fairly restricted whilst the acidity levels work well. It’s all about the fruit!

At £10.52 a bottle this is a good example of where the south is heading. Languedoc has long lived in the shadows of its more prestigious neighbours, Rhone, Bordeaux and Burgundy but it’s an area I’ve enjoyed for a while. With wines like this evolving it won’t be long before the rest of the wine drinking community wakes up and starts to fill their boots, or racks in this case. Enjoy!

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Review by me!

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3 comments on “Mike Matthews – Les Deux Cesars 2010 –

  1. Graham Tigg
    January 12, 2013

    Can you say more about why DSR have done an exclusive bottling – they make a broad range of reds already. Is there a style your customers particularly like for example.


    • Magics Wine Guide and Reviews for Newbies.
      January 12, 2013

      Hi Graham. Thanks for your comment. How are you?
      First things first, I don’t actually work for I’m a freelance writer. I responded to a open request, via social media, for writers who would like to write a review of one of their wines as they were relaunching their company blog. So in terms on whether it was created to compliment their customers palate, I couldn’t tell you. I could enquire for you?
      My only query to them about this was when I went on the DSR site to research the blend, as it’s not labelled on the bottle. That was when I found out it wasn’t part of the recognised range of DSR wines. When I asked the question all they said was it was made exclusively for them and the nearest to it would be the Garrigue.
      As I’ve spent a long time in the wine trade I didn’t query this any further. It is regular practise amongst wine companies who have the resources to have an exclusive blend made for them. During my time with FQR we used to have a Wolf Blass wine produced exclusively to us, before the likes of Origin and Radcliffe wines appeared.


      • Graham Tigg
        January 13, 2013

        I’m fine thank you. Realised after I posted you were just doing a piece on the wine. Agree it’s basically the Garrigue blend. I suspect the labelling may be related to price point Just Great Wine are looking for. I see there’s a white Deux Cesars as well that could correspond to La Coquille D’Oc.
        As an aside, it’s impossible to find the wine on the Just Great Wine site without knowing the exact name (poor search indexing) – I suspect they will be promoting it directly to their customers.


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