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Toni ‘The Doc’ Cascio – Reviews Honora Vera Garnacha 2010

 Honora Vera Garnacha 

Calatayud – Spain


Before I knew anything about wine, I used to pick wine by the label. I shouldnote that I didn’t actually read the label for varietal or description. Rather, I would choose based on how pretty the picture on the label was. (Wines with pictures of dogs always won.) So I must confess that the label of the 2010 Honora Vera Garnacha really caught my eye: a woman’s striking profile in tones of grey and black accented by geometric shapes in fluorescent colors. Is quite a feast for the eyes.  Fortunately, it’s also a feast for the palate. Drinking Honora Vera is like eating the most succulent fruit cobbler you can imagine.  From its cherry red color to its flavors of plum, blackberry, and raspberry to its glossy and medium body, this wine is all about rich, ripe fruit. It has hints of nutmeg and cloves which round out this succulent wine, as well as a high alcohol content, reminiscent of a Zinfandel. In fact, I like to pair with foods that go well with a good Zin; ribs, burgers, or chili are particular favorites.  Honora Vera Garnacha is quite versatile and can work with many foods of autumn, as long as they’re rich and meaty.  It also makes a great base for a delightful sangria. If you’re looking for a fruit forward red wine that isn’t too heavy or break the bank, Honora Vera Garnacha is picture perfect.

$13 (US)

Available at: Local wine stores and

Review by Toni ‘The Doc’ Cascio, Ph.D.

Toni Cascio

Toni Cascio

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One comment on “Toni ‘The Doc’ Cascio – Reviews Honora Vera Garnacha 2010

  1. Susan Zamell
    October 5, 2013

    I am more of a white wine drinker, but I too was drawn in by the label of this wine, and I was also happily relieved that the wine was wonderful! It was exactly as you described. Trying to find who the artist was who designed the beautiful label…


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