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Imelda’s Summer Sweets – Mocha Chocolate Mousse & Lime Cream with Renard Barnier NV Champagne



After a long week and a lot of work, I finally have a night for myself, lying on the sofa, listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, relaxing, and enjoying my time off. There were no rushes, no stress, just the music and me. While the song goes on: “summertime and the living is easy…”, I started to feel the need to treat myself and have something special. But what? What could be so special that transports me to that moment of summertime, where there are no worries, the sun is warm and life is easy? So, my mind starts wondering around all the food I have ever tried and a craving starts growing inside me.

Mocha Chocolate Mousse

Bittersweet is what I need, cool but not cold and easy to make. I turn the volume up, Louis is singing “C’est si bon” and I run to the kitchen to prepare a mochachocolate mousse and a lime cream. A delicious combination of flavours. It isn’t cold as an ice-cream or a sorbet but is cool enough to refresh the summer palate. The mocha gives off a hint whilst those elegant bitter chocolate flavours, revolving around the whole mouth, involving every sense. Meanwhile the lime cleans the palate and at the same time cools it, preparing it for the next bite.

I started with the mocha-chocolate recipe; I melted chunks of bitter chocolate, about 60 grams,

Lime Cream

on boiling water. Next I added a spoon of coffee and stirred until it became a cream. I then took it off the fire and added 1 egg yolk, 2 spoons of sugar and 2 tea spoons of coffee liquor, stirring all the time. Whilst I left it to rest I beat 2 egg whites until stiff, white and fluffy, then added them to the mocha cream. I put it in the fridge until settled. For the lime cream, I used a big can of condensed milk. Once empty I filled it up with lime juice, added it to the condensed milk and a peel of one lime. Stirred well until mixed together and I put it in the fridge.

After two hours I could eat this delicious dessert with a bubbling fruity light and crisp champagne, such us Brut Cuveè Special Renard Barnier, listening to some more music under the stars in my backyard.

Brut Cuvee Special Renard Barnier NV

Champagne available from Vinoteca £22.96

Price correct at time of publication

Recipe by Imelda Duffard

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