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Jayson Bryant reports on the upcoming 3rd Annual Pinot Smackdown – 6th September 2012

So another year rolls around, all too quickly for my liking, and another #PinotSmackDown. This is the third such event to be held, but just what is Pinot Smackdown. Well firstly, it’s all about using the latest online communications platforms to communicate your love of Pinot Noir, and I mean, who doesn’t love Pinot!

So what do you need to do? Well, you need wine, and not just any wine, you need, as the name suggests, Pinot Noir. Then you need to use  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc, to tell the world about your personal experience.

Here’s the twist!… who makes the best Pinot you’ve ever tasted? To vote via your tweets, posts, pins, or snapshots simply add another 2-character hashtag after #PinotSmackdown and we’ll count the votes so that region gets bragging rights for the year!

Go on, give it a go.


How: Participate virtually via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or any social channel using the #PinotSmackdown hashtag.

Voting region hashtags:

#OR – Oregon
#CA – California
#WA – Washington
#NY – New York
#46 – U.S. The “Other 46″
#FR – France
#IT – Italy
#DE – Germany (Deutschland)
#EU – Europe, beyond France, Germany, Italy
#CN – Canada
#NZ – New Zealand
#CH – Chile
#AR – Argentina
#AU – Australia
#SA – South Africa
#WD – World, as in none previously listed

Last Years Results

#NZ    568    24.2%
#OR    549    23.4%
#CA    545    23.2%
#AU   327    13.9%
#WA  139    5.9%
#FR    73     3.1%
#CH   54     2.3%
#CN   45     1.9%
#IT     11       .5%
#DE   10
#AR    9
#EU    9
#SA    6
#46    4
#WD  2
#NY   0

Story by Jayson Bryant

Courtesy of Unscrewed

New Zealand Wine Reviews – UnScrewed - Independent New Zealand Wine Reviews


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