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Food, Beer & Spirit Writers Required

Are you an aspiring Food, Beer or Spirit writer?

If so would you like to contribute to Magics Wine Guide and Reviews for Newbies? 

As a bona fide wine guy I suffer from tunnel vision, which is to say I primarily talk and write about wine. Makes sense really, I study the stuff so I scribble about what I know.

I’m looking at expanding my blog’s news network by incorporating articles on food, beer and spirits, after all they are all intertwined with each other. Have you been to an event, written a review, interviewed someone associated with the industry, found a genuine news story then please, email them across and I’ll post them. Pictures would be beneficial too.

Since the early days of Magics Wine Guide and Reviews, my blog has developed more into an online magazine. So if you can show me that you have a good creative edge, know what you are talking about, and looking for a forum to showcase your writing talents, then email me your details with a small bio, photo and sample piece. You can be from America, Italy, Australia, France, Spain, it doesn’t matter where you live. The food and drinks industry is global. My stats show me that I get read all around the world. One key point, no plagiarism please, that’s just not cool!!

All articles I publish will be fully accredited to the author, I won’t take credit for other writers work. I will operate as editor and offer editorial tips where I feel necessary.  As a blog all work submitted will be unpaid but that’s not to say it won’t change in the future.

Are you up for it? Let’s try and make Magics Wine Guide and Reviews for Newbies the largest independent, global online food and drinks site around.




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