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Harpers Beaujolais Trip Day 2. In brief.

Day 2 done and dusted.
A good nights snooze and I was ready to rock this morning for the 2nd days entertainment.
Snow had fallen all around the region overnight. The scenes were stunning. The beauty of Beaujolais is that it’s a series of villages, not bustling with people or traffic. Wherever we went, the hills, vineyards were covered in virgin snow.

Four wineries were on the menu today:
Christophe Lapierre, AOC Moulin a Vent.
Paul Henri Thillardon, AOC Chenas.
Domaine de la Bonne Tonne, AOC Morgon.
Domaine Anne Sophie Dubois, AOC Fleurie.

Today’s wines were a real eye opener into what the Beaujolais region has done and is trying to do. A story of the culture of the wines, past and present, was beginning to emerge.
It became clear throughout our visits today the overall depth and quality the region has to offer.
With experimental wines from Thillardon to a master class in wine styles and vintages from Bonne Tonne. Everybody should try their 2010 Morgon Les Charmes. You’ll have to wait a couple of days though before I give my review. Great.

The evening finished back at the hotel for a lively dinner with Jean Bourjade. The guy has a lot to say. His passion for Beaujolais was paramount. A wealth of amusing anecdotes and stories had us entertained for nearly 3 hours, and he’s not even a native of the region. Always willing to answer questions and offer up his opinions. Worth talking to.

Kill Bill in French was last nights television viewing. Now I get to experience Law & Order France style. Jack McCoy has never sounded so good.

3 more wineries tomorrow before heading home. If its half as interesting as today, I’ll be a happy chappy.




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