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Oblique – A CNC Machined Wine Bottle Holder

Brett Swope is an engineer from San Francisco, California. I was recently made aware of a bottle holder he has designed and manufactured.

Now I wouldn’t normally get to bothered over a bottle holder, after all you see one bottle holder, you’ve seen them all. As you can see from the picture below this one is a touch different. The design requires a certain degree of physics, Newtons 1st Law, ‘The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.’ Just in case you’d forgot.


As a piece of simplistic engineering I thought it was rather impressive, and as such I thought it was worth sharing with you. After all, sometimes simplicity is best. What’s more handy is it’s easy to store away too.

To get the full specifications and maybe order one or two for yourselves then please pay a visit to his site

It’s hard enough to get good ideas off the ground so well done Brett for getting this far. Maybe, if you fancy, send one my way?

2 comments on “Oblique – A CNC Machined Wine Bottle Holder

  1. Scantling
    August 2, 2013

    I think Brett did a great job on the oblique. Looking something a little different? Check out Scantling on ( Scantling is a beautifully crafted cantilever wine bottle holder that incorporates a robust winged wine bottle opener!


    • Magics Wine Guide and Reviews for Newbies.
      August 2, 2013

      The Oblique was a lovely design.
      My girlfriend bought me a perspex cantilever bottle holder last Xmas. Simplicity is often the most stunning.
      Hope all goes well with your Kickstarter campaign.


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