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Magic is going back to school. Principles of Vinegrowing.

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 This coming Monday, yours truly will be going back to school.
I’ve signed up to Plumpton College’s
‘The Principles of Vinegrowing’
So what does this entail?
The course is held over a vines growing season, with the first instalment coming this Monday, 7/11/11.
The breakdown of each section is as follows:
Part 1 – Evaluating and Improving Vineyard Sites. 7/11/11
Part 2 – Selecting Vine Varietals and Winter Pruning. 5/12/11
Part 3 – Vine Propagation and Nutrition. 16/1/12
Part 4 – Planting and Trellising Vines. 5/3/12
Part 5 – Weed Control and Sustainable Viticulture. 26/3/12
Part 6 – Vineyard Pest Management. 14/5/12
Part 7 – Summer in the Vineyard. 25/6/12
As I work my way through the course I will be sharing what I’ve learnt with you. With hope, giving you a better understanding of what goes on in the vineyard.
Can’t wait to get started. Even if it means getting up at, for me, a silly time in the morning to hoof it by train down to the south coast.
So do keep an eye out for my follow up pieces.
For full details on all courses supplied by Plumpton please visit their website.

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This entry was posted on November 5, 2011 by in Education.

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